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 Buch, Monografie, Book2016:Frank P. Jozsa: American League Franchises
 Buch, Monografie, Book2013:Daniel A. Gilbert: Expanding the strike zone
 Buch, Monografie, Book2011:John Ruggiero: Frontiers in major league baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2011:William B. Gould: Bargaining with baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2010:Robert F. Lewis: Smart ball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2010:Chris Rumford: Cricket and globalization
 Buch, Monografie, Book2007:John Bradbury: The baseball economist
 Buch, Monografie, Book2007:Vince Gennaro: Diamond dollars
 Buch, Monografie, Book2006:Andrew S. Zimbalist: In the best interests of baseball?
 Buch, Monografie, Book2006:Ronald W. Cox / Daniel Skidmore-Hess: Free agency and competitive balance in baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2006:Robert P. Gelzheiser: Labor and capital in 19th century baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2006:Frank P. Jozsa: Baseball, Inc.
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2005:Alicia Marie Koht: Baseball and economics
 Buch, Monografie, Book2004:Andrew S. Zimbalist: May the best team win
 Buch, Monografie, Book2004:Scott Barzilla: The state of baseball management
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Albert Theodore Powers: The business of baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2002:Scott Barzilla: Checks and imbalances
 Buch, Monografie, Book2001:Robert F. Burk: Much more than a game
 Buch, Monografie, Book2001:G. Richard McKelvey: For it's one, two, three, four strikes you're out at the owners' ball game
 Buch, Monografie, Book2000:Robert Costas: Fair ball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2000:Roger I. Abrams: The money pitch
 Buch, Monografie, Book2000:Paul D. Staudohar: Diamond mines
 Buch, Monografie, Book2000:David Macgimpsey: Imagining baseball
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2000:Mitchell Sadowsky: Investigation into the relationship between the amount of revenue a minor league team makes and the size of the market in which it is located
 Buch, Monografie, Book1999:Daniel Paisner: The ball
 Buch, Monografie, Book1999:: Baseball- und Softballanlagen
 Buch, Monografie, Book1998:Hilary M. Beckles: The age of globalization, The development of West Indies cricket
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1998:Robyn M. Bolton: A study of the implications of the 1994 Major League Baseball players' strike and an analysis of the marketing strategies used by Major League Baseball and four teams in response to the strike
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1998:Kenneth W. Jones: An analysis of backgrounds of professional baseball players
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1998:Daron Montgomery: The effect of free agency on player loyalty in Major League Baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book1997:Kenneth M. Jennings: Swings and misses
 Buch, Monografie, Book1997:Daniel R. Marburger: Stee-rike four!
 Buch, Monografie, Book1996:John Fizel: Baseball economics
 Buch, Monografie, Book1994:Andreas Schlattmann: Sports images: Baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book1993:Peter Pascarelli: The toughest job in baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book1992:Andrew S. Zimbalist: Baseball and billions
 Buch, Monografie, Book1991:James Edward Miller: The baseball business
 Buch, Monografie, Book1986:Terry Pluto: A baseball winter
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1984:Randy M. Stedman: Professional baseball and the antitrust laws
 Buch, Monografie, Book1981:James P. Dworkin: Owners versus players
 Buch, Monografie, Book1981:Jesse w. Markham / Paul V. Teplitz: Baseball economics and public policy
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1977:Charles Louis Aldini: An analysis of the factors contributing to the successful location of major league baseball franchises
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1976:Fred Stanley Grygiel: Economic and sporting competition in the organized baseball industry
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1959:Theodore Pomeroy Herrick: Financial controls for minor league baseball operations
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1950:Peter Stebbins Craig: Organized Baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book1912:Timothy H. Murnane: How to umpire, how to captain a team, how to manage a team, how to coach, how to organize a league, how to score and technical terms of base ball
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