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 Buch, Monografie, Book2006:Georg Bull / Sven Huhnholz: Baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2006:Tom O'Connell: Coaching baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book2005:Dirk Baker: Teaching hitting
 Buch, Monografie, Book2005:Marty Schupak: Youth baseball drills
 Video, Film, video2005:Bob Woolmer: Cricket - bowling
 Video, Film, video2005:Bob Woolmer: Cricket - batting
 Video, Film, video2005:Bob Woolmer: Cricket - fielding & wicket-keeping
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Tom Robson: The hitting edge
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2003:Jim Kane: The effect of a 13-week, multi-phasic, strength training program on throwing velocity of elite pitchers
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2003:Charles Leddon: Contributions of selected muscles to the dynamic stability of the medial aspect of the elbow
 Buch, Monografie, Book2001:Ted Burda: Baseball's hitting secrets
 Buch, Monografie, Book2001:Christoph Warth: "Ballschule", ein fhigkeitsorientierter Ansatz zur Spielvermittlung
 Buch, Monografie, Book1996:Tom House: Fit to pitch
 Buch, Monografie, Book1994:Tom House: The pitching edge
 Buch, Monografie, Book1990:Jean-Franois Chabot: Le base-ball
 Buch, Monografie, Book1987:Bob Cluck: Hitting
 Buch, Monografie, Book1986:Ted Williams / John Underwood: The science of hitting
 Buch, Monografie, Book1985:: Technical manual, National coaching certification program
 Buch, Monografie, Book1983:: Baseball
 Buch, Monografie, Book1982:Ethan Allen: Baseball play and strategy
 Buch, Monografie, Book1981:: Technique, Programme national de certification des entraneurs
 Buch, Monografie, Book1980:Coaching manual
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1980:Rodney Leo Brown: Response time comparisons among four starting techniques in base running
 Buch, Monografie, Book1979:Ned Banton: Softball coaching manual
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1979:Galen McSpadden: Comparison of the velocity of baseballs thrown from the stretch and windup positions by relief pitchers and starting pitchers in the major leagues
 Buch, Monografie, Book1978:: Pitching curve balls
 Buch, Monografie, Book1977:Pat Jordan / Jordan Handville: Pitching
 Buch, Monografie, Book1977:Nolan Ryan / Joe Torre / Joel Cohen: Pitching & [and] hitting
 Buch, Monografie, Book1977:Bob Shaw: Pitching
 Buch, Monografie, Book1976:Walter Alston / Donald C. Weiskopf: The complete baseball handbook
 Buch, Monografie, Book1975:Johnny Bench / Melchior Digiacomo / John Sammis: Catching and power hitting
 Buch, Monografie, Book1975:Reggie Jackson / Joel H. Cohen: Inside hitting
 Buch, Monografie, Book1974:Hank Aaron / Jol Cohen: Hitting the Aaron way
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1974:Bobbie Gean Britt: A comparison of the effect of mechanical teaching aids on hitting a baseball
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1974:James Michael Jones: The effect of specified training programs on the velocity of a thrown baseball
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1974:Robert Martin Lange: The influence of eye dominance on baseball batting performance
 Buch, Monografie, Book1973:Tom Seaver / Steve Jacobson: Pitching with Tom Seaver
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1971:Fred William Weems: An investigation of the comparative effects of various training programs on the velocity of a baseball bat
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1970:Roy Murray Gordon: A comparison of performance times of a batting swing from three starting bat positions
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1969:Neil Dean Haldeman: The effect of isotonic and isometric exercise programs upon velocity of a thrown baseball
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1969:James Harvey Rogers: A comparative study of baseball deflection between horizontal bat bunting position and forty-five-degree bat angle bunting position using videotape analysis
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1966:Carol Jean Wolter: Comparison of measures of the elbow, radioulnar and wrist joints for fast, curve, and slow softball pitches
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1964:Donald Frank Mapes: Electromyographic study of functions of selected muscles in
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1964:John William Wahrer: A Study of the Effect of various training programs upon Velocity and Accuracy in trowing a baseball
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1963:William Ralph Lyon: A cinematographical analysis of the overhand baseball throw
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation1960:Donald K. Edwards: The effects of the stride and position on the pitching rubber on control in baseball pitching
 Buch, Monografie, Book1913:John B. Foster: How to pitch
 Buch, Monografie, Book1912:: How to catch
 Buch, Monografie, Book1911:Jesse F. Matteson: How to bat
 Buch, Monografie, Book1902:E. M. Amphlett: How to bat
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