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 Buch, Monografie, Book2013:Robert P. Pangrazi / Aaron Beighle: Dynamic physical education for elementary school children
 Buch, Monografie, Book2013:Robert P. Pangrazi: Dynamic physical education curriculum guide
 Buch, Monografie, Book2013:Greg Bert / Lisa Summers: Meeting physical education standards through meaningful assessment
 Buch, Monografie, Book2013:Robert Pruter: The rise of American high school sports and the search for control
 Buch, Monografie, Book2012:Paul W. Darst: Dynamic physical education for secondary school students
 Buch, Monografie, Book2012:Daryl Siedentop / Hans Van der Mars: Introduction to physical education, fitness, and sport
 Buch, Monografie, Book2012:Rainer Martens: Successful coaching
 Buch, Monografie, Book2012:: Physical activity guidelines for Americans mid-course report
 Buch, Monografie, Book2012:John E. Tufte: Crazy proofing high school sports
 Buch, Monografie, Book2012:Mara Manson / Ariela Herman: Smart pe moves for middle school students
 Buch, Monografie, Book2011:Judith Lieberman Van Hoorn: Play at the center of the curriculum
 Buch, Monografie, Book2011:Heather Sykes: Queer bodies
 Buch, Monografie, Book2011:Gertrud Pfister: Gymnastics, a transatlantic movement
 Buch, Monografie, Book2011:Jane M. Shimon: Introduction to teaching physical education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2010:Judith E. Rink / Tina J. Hall / Lori H. Williams: Schoolwide physical activity
 elektronisches Dokument, Volltext, electronic resource2008:: National coaching report
 Buch, Monografie, Book2007:Jill Carter: Planet health
 Buch, Monografie, Book2007:Roy J. Shephard: Advancing physical activity measurement and guidelines in Canada
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2005:Florian Kutscher: Strenuous Life - Theodore Roosevelts sportorientiertes Erziehungskonzept
 Buch, Monografie, Book2005:Michael W. Metzler: Instructional models for physical education
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2005:Lindsay A. Sarson: Ontario high school sport
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2005:Malaika Marie Underwood: Student-Athlete Resource Program
 Buch, Monografie, Book2005:Theresa Purcell Cone / Stephen L. Cone: Assessing dance in elementary physical education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2004:Elaine Lindsay: Opportunity to learn standards for High School physical education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2004:Bonnie S. Mohnsen: Assessing concepts: secondary biomechanics
 Buch, Monografie, Book2004:Suzan F. Ayers: Directory of programs in physical education teacher education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2004:Kathleen Thornton: Opportunity to learn standards for middle school physical education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Peter A. Hastie: Teaching for lifetime physical activity through quality high school physical education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Anna Marie Frank: Sports and education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:: Participation in school athletics
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:National physical education standards in action
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:J. Scott Townsend: Assessing student outcomes in sport education: a pedagogical approach
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Jeff Steffen / Susan J. Grosse: Assessment in outdoor, adventure physical education
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Susan P. Kogut: Beyond activities
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Susan P. Kogut: Beyond activities
 Buch, Monografie, Book2003:Annette R. Hofmann: Physical Education und Sport in den USA
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2003:Jesse H. Lytle: Missions, markets, muscles
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2002:Stephan Wassong: Pierre de Coubertins US-amerikanische Studien und ihre Bedeutung fr die Analyse seiner frhen Erziehungskampagne
 Buch, Monografie, Book2002:James Harry Humphrey: Principles and practices in interscholastic athletics
 Buch, Monografie, Book2002:: 2001 shape of the nation report
 Buch, Monografie, Book2002:Andrew W. Miracle / C. Roger Rees: Lessons of the locker room
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2002:Martin Lieb: Sport an der amerikanischen Highschool
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2002:Kara S. Halverson: A comparison of student attitudes toward physical activity in a traditional and block scheduled physical education curriculum in four Wisconsin high schools
 Buch, Monografie, Book2002:Fred Engh: Why Johnny hates sports
 Buch, Monografie, Book2001:Jill Carter: Planet health
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2001:Marc Pschebizin: Eine kritische Analyse des Outward-Bound-Konzepts in den USA
 Buch, Monografie, Book2001:Billy Hawkins: The new plantation
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2001:Jolene M. Fisher: High school athletic trainer/teachers in the State of Washington
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2001:Stacy Warner: An analysis of recruiting expenses and coaching salaries and their relationship to conference success for female athletic programs at all NCAA divisional levels
 Hochschulschrift, Diplomarbeit, Dissertation, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation2001:Troy R. Thomas: An examination of perceptions of gender equity as reported by athletic administrators of Kansas' coed high schools
 Buch, Monografie, Book2000:Katherine T. Thomas / Amelia M. Lee / Jerry R. Thomas: Physical education for children
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